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Default Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

This is compliments of Geraldine,
who put it together, and, compiled it for Troy
at www.truthloveenergy.ning.com
(it's a closed site) unless you join as a member

this is interesting

The Cadres are arranged to create a Support Group of 12. Each of the Cadres has a particular position to play in the interactions with other Cadres within the Energy Ring. The general description of energies below is not literal, but more about the overall themes, motivations, and contributions that each Cadre contributes to the Energy Ring.

Cadre 1 = Love (initiators, inspirers, pioneers)
Cadre 2 = Knowledge (questioners, insight givers, facilitators)
Cadre 3 = Compassion (nurturers, integrators, peacemakers)
Cadre 4 = Mentor (guides, counselors, role models)
Cadre 5 = Beauty (artists, highlights the best of things)
Cadre 6 = Child (innocent, distracting, requires care)
Cadre 7 = Humor (funny, brings laughter, pleasure givers)
Cadre 8 = Discipline (responsible, focused, decision clarifiers)
Cadre 9 = Anchor (security, acceptance, grounding)
Cadre 10 = Healer (bringing balance, healing)
Cadre 11 = Enlightenment (teachers, ‘light’ bringers, providing structures for perceiving reality)
Cadre 12 = Muse (highest values, abstract concepts, bringers of aspiration)

Within each Cadre there are 7 Entities. Each Entity has a general flavor or theme based on two factors:

One factor is based on its Number Position within the Cadre, and

Another factor is based on the impact of the Roles and general themes of interest shared.

The Number Position in the Cadre is described in terms of Positive Pole and Negative Pole. If you look closely, these Poles describe degrees of solidity vs. fragmentation. For instance, Entity Number Two has +Stability and -Balance. Picture a solid surface where both of your feet are planted firmly as the positive pole suggests. This is Stability. Now imagine placing that solid surface (like a board) on something like a cylinder or ball, creating a teetering effect that you must now strive to Balance, like the negative pole describes. Every Positive and Negative Pole in the Michael Teachings only refers to a version of “oneness” Vs “separation”. They are not good or bad.

Entity One: +Purpose -Simplicity
Entity Two: +Stability -Balance
Entity Three: +Enterprising -Versatility
Entity Four: +Consolidation -Achievement
Entity Five: +Expansion -Adventure
Entity Six: +Harmony -Connection
Entity Seven: +Inculcation -Eclecticism

This set of energies is the same for all sets of Entities in any Cadre.

for more information
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