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Default Coast to Coast AM - 02 Nov 2009 - Reptilians & Men in Black


Known as the "Crypto Hunter," UFO researcher John Rhodes talked about the role of Men in Black (MIBs) in enforcing secrecy around UFO/alien matters, as well
as for corporate and military purposes. He recently participated in an episode of UFO Hunters titled The Silencers, that delved into this subject, and during
production, the team had their own encounters with MIBs, he said. Some of the Men in Black are defense agents who seek to limit public knowledge, and
enforce cooperation through intimidation, he said. Other MIBs are more exotic-- foreign nationals, possibly ETs, or from the Inner World, he continued.
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Default Re: Coast to Coast AM - 02 Nov 2009 - Reptilians & Men in Black

Please listen to this interview...and listen to other John Rhodes interviews. He seems to be a legitimate researcher with a lot of good information and insights. He seems to view the Reptilian phenomenon as a mixture of good and evil. I think I agree...but I'm still not sure. The MIB are almost as scary as the REPs! http://www.reptoids.com/Vault/TheMenInBlack.htm Check out John's website. http://www.reptoids.com/


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