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Default Re: So i didnt know you spoke sumerian...

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
hhahaa, Im a scribbler too, terrible speller as you may have noticed but that doesnt matter. Hahaha Im so glad, for some reason I thought you were a consultant in one of those icky jobs like organisational redesign, now dont get me wrong, a nice trapped consultant wondering about the universe.

I'm getting the message 'consultant' however

Or perhaps a nice strangly cake obsessed consultant looking for the answers in icing, honestly sometimes I think icying might have more to offer than the sky is falling down folks. Here we are united too you're saying as well as possibly being an an*l retentive, lol that * is in the right place for a change

My stories are usually not about stargates but shur why not. I tend to take beginings of anything and start from there, like the first sentence of anything, newspaper, cereal box doesn't matter.

This is how Bowie works, then he writes them on bits of paper, throws them on the floor and picks them up. I kid you not

I will have a think how to incorporate Bortho! You are so right though writing yourself makes for a great BS detector and a teribble film companion, I say after 5 minutes oh well its the child, he did it by accident......there is no way you mention something like that in the 1st scene and not have it be important.

Have to skip off for a bit, later, if you think of something go right ahead. I have been spreading giggles galore with your cakes!
I did write some other story somewhere here once upon a time at Avalon.. does anyone want to search through all 688 of my posts to find it ??? lol

Are you SURE we're not sharing an arm of consciousness somewhere?

I too am convinced that the way forward lies with cake and people, it has nothing to do with stargates or Femacamps. That is the real illusion.

I must again point out that No-caste is the Giver of cake (and now Melons it seems) I can not take any credit for the discovery of Cake Wrecks... that is No Caste's baby. However, I might take some credit for seeing it's real genuine worth and application around Avalon and friends and all.

The icing on the cake indeed.

Enjoy your break Harper... don't come back if you really want to improve your life...

I'm just saying....


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