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Default Re: So i didnt know you spoke sumerian...

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
I guess your storytelling technique blinded me to the crocodile in front of my face. Well done, thats what I was hoping but I have been so shocked at how wrong I have been lately, just thought I would make sure.

Bortho was the clue to it being a made up story. Funny name for a crocodile, don't you think? Gnasher or Krok might have been more realistic...

Clearly as a species we have been wrong about practically everything and we if we are honest are still only in degrees of wrongness about most things,
You know what, I'd almost swear we were twins as this

I still cant really feel it when someone says pointing to two triangles, a bird and a squigle, then says it means that all life as we know it will end on such and such a day ......It does not mean they are wrong of course, but how the hell would I know and even if I looked it up it sould be just all that person pals from university all saying yes, yes, clearly from the angle and know what we know......ya see

is EXACTLY how I feel about everything, after passing the point of believing everything alternative that sounded plausible.

Now I'm taking nothing for granted, not even my own subjective reality. I may yet disappear in a puff of greasy smoke...

I can't bring myself to watch camelot vids any more for this reason (sorry guys, nothing personal). I need to see things that I can really experience myself, and not hear it from Bob's friend Bryan who cuts lawns for someone who told him there was this plan going down where....

So I love anything like Eckhart Tolle, living in the moment. This works. Avoiding duality. This works. Being as nice as you can to others. This kinda works. Loving yourself. Hard to do but the results pay dividends. Loving others, harder still, but you get the benefit too. Loving what is. This works, but it bends your head. Eating, sleeping, and walks in the fresh air. Not had too much of that lately.. cause we're all living in LaLa land on the internet...

Thanks for the positve comment about my writing style. I write film scripts too... well, I was doing till the world started to end...

So.. I know what makes a good story... (and that works double as a BS detector )

So where will you take the SG-1 story now Harper... gonna write some more?

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