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Default Re: So i didnt know you spoke sumerian...

Originally Posted by Harper View Post

So what help will this AA provide us in the future?

Just an observation
AA is also a great way to get your business in the Yellow Pages,

Aardvark Plumbing Ltd for example.

Well, if you can see a Hippo anywhere in my story Harper, you're doing a much better job of seeing things that aren't there than I can...

and yes... I totally made that up... i thought that was the idea?

I like stories, why else would I spend so much time at Avalon?

Keep up the great detective work, and no... can't say I believe Aaron either. We're on different timelines I'm sure. So it's probably true in his world, but not in my reality just yet.

Still, if any decent whistleblowers out there would like to post a virtual tour of the Stargate site for us to look at, that would be neat.

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