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Default Re: So i didnt know you spoke sumerian...

hey Kula,

Hows it going? Well the story I wrote was true but I thought it would make an interesting beginning to a story that hasnt happened, a spring board, but no one sprung hehehehe.

So you are saying this story of the hippo is being interpreted by people as the gulf of aden star gate? Or have I totally got you wrong. 777 also spoke of the hippo being the symbol of new birth launching out of the water.

So all en all we have ships and stories and summerians and so what next?

What do people honestly think is happening there, I have kind of stopped believing in any testimony unless its from some I know and can look in their eyes. I refer to Aaron Macollum, or however you spell it. My gut tells me he is lying about at least who he is. Otherwise how could I know what he is saying is true. But now that I know(my knowing, so no need to get your back up if aaron is your brothers wifes sisters girlfriend) So now I want to know why AAron, as its written on the video, Why that AA format?

Most people I know dont write their names with the first two letters capitalised. So what other AA's do we know and what does AA in general remind us of? So in europe they are a breakdown service for high ways = help. All around the world AA of course is alcoholics Anon = help.

So what help will this AA provide us in the future?

Just an observation
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