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Default So i didnt know you spoke sumerian...

a friend came over to me the other day with a scrap of paper saying have you heard, have you heard? I said what?

He said his friend, and mine, had stayed up all night listening to radio broadcasts of ship logs ( or something like that-- males feel free to add the jargon) but then said 'its on a place....'

Back to the scrap of paper , '..called project camelot'

i said, 'oh really so whats the story?'

He said Maaan (hes an old rock dude from the ' yeah i know somethins up' era)

He said im tellin you cos you know, you're you, in a haltingly raspy and shy voice,

Ok I said

To that my ever vigilant and sweet loved one said ' what?'

i smiled and turned and explained that our rock pal had a legitmit concern over a thing with which I could maybe helfp him if

Anyway i turned back to rock and said 'I think I know what you are talkin about but i know it might seem strange to say but Im not sure its what you think it is...'

My loved one then said ' I know, you and your... well actually in this case it is a bit strange that there's 300 warships in that gulf'

No one at that this stage had mentioned anything about the gulf of aden.

So I gobsnacked looked back at rock and said, 'even so i dont think its what you think it is.'

he said 'a stargate'

I said 'not sure, anyway how do you know any of that is true?'

He said 'its written in the sumerian texts' to which I answered

'I didnt know you could read summerian'

As its the last days for some, please please add the next part to the story. I know it seems less than useful, but not everything needs to be useful !

HAVE fun, although my part is almost true, I still don't know the end...

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