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Default They are trying to divide and conquer us - which is why we are winning

I'm still statying with Avalon 1. Why?

People are saying that disinfo agents are trying to divide and conquer us. Well that's good.

It means that we are significant enough for them to take notice of us.

Moving to a new forum will not change things. The disinfo agents will more their too if the new forum also becomes significant.

It is a sad fact of life today that wherever there is anything of any value, the powers that be will do their best to spread dissent and destroy it.

So therefore, this forum is something of value and we should not let it be destroyed. We will just have to stay true to what we know and not be led astray by their wiles.

And if you are a disinfo agent, what do you expect to get out of your actions? Respect? A pat on the back? A big paycheque?

Contrary to what anyone has told you, if you are not a billionare banker, you are not worth a jot to your employers. If they decided tomorrow that you are no longer needed, they would throw you away like a chewed up old toy.

Let's get down to some real business.
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