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Default Please support this indigenous group from Australia.
"It's sensational!" Megan Spencer Australian Film Maker/Critic.
I was unsure whether to post this here or eleswhere-please forgive me if not applicable here,thanks,Antaletriangle.
'Riyawarray: Common Ground' a film that honours and celebrates Yolngu customary law and culture. Our right to live our lives as free people without the inappropriate impositions of the Federal Government's Emergency Responce the Intervention.

This powerful snapshot documentary on Yolngu rites, rights and rituals as expressed through the recent Yirritja Ngarra Ceremony, was filmed at Milingimbi in early August featuring Mathew Dhulumburrk, Ganygulpa Dhurrkay and Keith Lapulung (Dhamarrandji).

If you feel strongly about these issues please join the Riyawarray support group on Facebook.
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