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Default Re: Being humble - a key to eternity

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post

I just want to thank you for your willingness to love and work-with alcoholics, as you were loved and helped once. that's the ONLY WAY "it" can work imo!

and thank you too for sharing these prayers ....... very meaningful.

Thanks hippihill
What you have said is so true.

If you dont give it you you cant keep it.
If you dont share your strength and hope you loose it.

If you haven't been there then these words are meaningless.
From the depth of despair of being unloved to serenity.
Every sober alcoholic is a testimony to the unconditional love found in AA rooms world wide.
Walking miracles, examples of the power to be found in humbly asking God to remove our character defects.

As a result of prayer and meditation a spiritual awakening to carry the message to the still struggling alcoholic.

The Big Book of AA is one of the most spiritual books I have ever read.
Humility humility humility.
Just reminding me.
With love Chris
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