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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

Originally Posted by Josefine View Post

Religion cannot be synomymous with spirit. Religion is meant to point in the direction of spirit, but often it does not. Often it is totally based on fear, cutting us off from spirit.

Yes, I agree with you, milk and honey. Religious issues and quotes belong in this section as well. But if the name of the thread is 'Our Spiritual Quest', it might serve to remind us, if we lapse into preaching, that the living spirit in each of us does not make us identical. Spirit permits us to be uniquely ourselves, and not necessarily to see everything alike. Except for love, which is beyond words.
Fair enough Josefine.

Guess i was talking about what religion is and not the degenerate thing it has mostly become.

Religious texts can point to inner-spirit, right.

I wasn't really saying religion is spirit but that they're so ideally compatable - note i say 'ideally' - that they're synonymous for the purpose of allowing religious discussion in a "spirituality" section of a forum. That was my subtext and i see you agree. They are so to me because in the scriptures of east and west i have found communion with spirit.

Of course spiritual inspiration can be found in all kinds of experiences not just by reading scripture.

Does that make spirit synonymous with other things? In the same sense that religious scriptures are then i guess so.

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