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Default Re: A Simple Plan For Our Avalon Family (please read)

Thanks for your response Love/Light 13.

The events of 911 angered me more than any words can accuratly convey.

Trying to inform the people of 911 and it's truth I beleive will be like "beating a dead horse," so to speak.

People look at 911 now with a certain ammount of detatchment... that saddens me to say, but I beleive it to be true.

However, money is a concern of most everyone; and most will be hard pressed to feel detachment to the affairs of their pocket books.

I beleive, that once people start hearing the truth of the Federal Reserve and our economic situation, it might very well be the key that opens the door to their minds.... thus their minds will be open and more likeley to beleive the truth of 911 and the countless other truths that are hidden before their very eyes.

I am going to start an MSN Instant Messenger account that I can log into. Once I create it, I will post it here. Maybe if we can all chat in real time things can go more smooth.

The more unified and organized we become the stronger we become.
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