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Default Chinese and Indian Over Unity Devices

Has anyone heard about this?

Halfway down the page, under the title, ""New Electric" Breakthroughs Arriving"

"...both China and India are about to unveil new electrical devices which will break the grip of the global energy & power cartels with breakthrough technology that bends the rules of physics in new and game-changing ways.

One device, due out from China shortly is described as a "battery charger" which will support a fixed 2 KW load on a continuous basis."

" When the announcement comes, we're not looking for the Chinese to sell it as an 'over-unity device' (produces more energy than consumed), but simply they plan to call it a 'battery charger' and thus not offend conventional paradigm adherents who would have a problem acknowledging something out of their immediate understanding.

Our sources tell us that the only issue now is time-to-market since over-unity applications have been claimed in other countries by companies like Lutec Australia and here in the US the efforts of The Orion Project have also been directed toward the fundamental breakthroughs in over-unity engineering.

The other project is described as an Indian-backed project... the Indian company unit can be scaled to 10 KW within the same box and uses different technology so there's potentially a ton more IP to be developed in the field."

Anyway, it's all in the link. Of course there's the Steorn over-unity device too. I just know that when it rains it pours, and usually when one person "develops" something new, it seems that you'll notice groups of scientists around the world "developing or discovering" almost the same thing.

Interesting anyway, I guess we'll see what happens!
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