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Default Re: OUOTE: "“kill the children of the members who voted yes.”

All I can say is remember what happened to Hal Turner...

Radio Host Hal Turner: Arrested for Inciting Violence

(ChattahBox)—”It is our intent to foment direct action against these individuals personally. These beastly government officials should be made an example of as a warning to others in government: Obey the Constitution or die,” wrote neo-nazi Hal Turner on his blog last week, referring to two Connecticut officials.

Combined with other incendiary statements and a promise to publish the home addresses of Connecticut officials, the Capitol police in Hartford, CT. arrested Turner in his New Jersey home on Wednesday, before someone rose to Turner’s call for violence.

Turner was charged with inciting injury to persons or property and is in jail awaiting extradition to Connecticut. The remainder of his post reads: “If any state attorney, police department or court thinks they’re going to get uppity with us about this, I suspect we have enough bullets to put them down, too.”

Capitol Police Chief Michael J. Fallon described Turner’s statements as “…above and beyond the threshold of free speech.”

Turner’s statements were designed to incite others to commit acts of violence and now finally, law enforcement officials are holding Turner criminally accountable. Turner has built a career based on hate, racism and anti-Semitism.
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