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Default Re: OUOTE: "“kill the children of the members who voted yes.”

Originally Posted by Mystique View Post

Would someone see this through to make a point?

Like to hear your opinions.


If someone does..... errr..... it's a sad thing for all the world.

It seems to me that pushing hot-heads into definably threatening, and, actual violence, is really part of the 'dark' game plan. Every tightening tweak of the ratchet for 'war' is welcome, I'm sure, by the people who are trying to take the low road.

How do we tell the hot heads to take a cold shower and a deep breath at these times? I think it boils down to having faith in something. Normal society has had it's faith sucked out deliberately in readines for this stage of the game plan.

For myself, I'm not a prayer making person, I'm a begger. I beg sincerely that these long crafted times are not going to fulfill the intentions of the 'craft'.

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