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Default Re: Greys, Abductions, Hybridisation and now they are moving into a community near yo

Wow! That's wild! It seems that 'aliens' are physically challenged. Why is this? Are nearly all 'aliens' really spirits, demons, angels, interdimensionals...or at least non-physical in the generally accepted sense of that term? Are there similarities between 'aliens' and our 'souls'? Or...are our 'souls' really aliens? Are we all 'aliens'? Are demons really spirits who have been denied physical incarnation...and are thoroughly pi$$ed for that and other reasons?

It's interesting that you mentioned 'ivy league'. I once had a theological conversation with an ivy league graduate regarding the Garden of Eden and the temptation of Eve by the Winged Serpent. I took the position that...based on the story...the Serpent got a raw deal. The ivy league person agreed...and proceded to tell me that they were a 'Talking Snake'. I wasn't into any of the Avalon stuff at that I just assumed that they meant that they were cunning and crafty. But now...I wonder what they really meant by that...especially in light of this thread. I've been around several people who I really wonder about now. Nuff said.

Sherry Shriner has a lot to say about 'clones', 'soul-scalping'...and the negative view of 'aliens'. She promotes the use of orgone to get rid of them. She says the orgone burns them and causes their ufo's to crash. I don't know how much of what she says is true. I listen to her show a lot on ...but I'm not really onboard with alot of her views. It's just a very unique perspective.

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