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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

What you say would be so Wynderer, if it were not for the fact that the tried and test spiritual ways have been with us for thousands of years, (mainly ignored) not channeled but the love of God experienced subjectively by the Mystics. Their experience was identical through out these thousands of years and in various cultures.
Nothing to do with new age ascension nothing to do with religion everything to do with spirituality.
I am of no religion but I have directly experienced the love of God, nothing anyone says can sway me from that, I know it happened to me.
I can identify to a lesser degree with what happened to Eckhart Tolle and Dr David Hawkins as related in their books. Not New Age,
You are obviously free to think what you want and I agree that the "human race" has a lot to answer for, but I have seen the miracle of hopeless drunks getting sober, their lives changed through a loving God as expressed through the fellowship of AA.
Every disaster finds people digging deep into their pockets to fund aid to people and animals that they will never meet, never receive any real recognition for their contribution. They do it because they care.
There are two sides to every story.
Sometimes you have to look deeply to see the milk of human kindness but it is there.

With Respect
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