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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Your a winner Kake.
I like a scientific answer too.
My favorite author DH is very scientific in his approach to the evolution of consciousness and often quotes Quantum mechanics and the Hindenburg principal.
The moment something is observed it changes.
Everything could change in an instant.
The map of consciousness that Dr Hawkins produced explains a lot but you have to read his book to get a full understanding.
I think it is great to have some one of his background enlightened in this world at this time.
He has cleared so many misunderstandings I had regarding cause and effect, non-duality and so on.

Anyway thats not baking a cake.
But there are no half baked ideas in his books, all constructive positive suggestions as to how to raise consciousness.

Bye for now.
And power vs force is the recipe ?

Think that's got to be next on my Amazon wish list...

Thanks for the recommendation Chris. There I think folks we see a real power at Avalon.. a sharing of real knowledge...

I have Connecting with Sauce to thank for my clean liver... (courtesy of Andreas Moritz) Lightbeing to thank for John Hagelin... Mudra I think for Greg Braden (though that could have been lightbeing too... or Burgundia ? My memory is a little fuzzy on that one).

These are the real treasures I will take away from Avalon. So we can see that the purpose I came here for originally (to find out how to prepare) is not the answers I came away with.

In that sense , the universe gives us what we need, rather than what we think we need.

I'll add my own book (not mine ! a recommendation) for anyone interested in the links between science and the esoteric. (lovely description connecting sunlight and consciousness btw)

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