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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Originally Posted by pineal-pilot-in merkabah View Post
im pie man btw. english bramley apple pie. or rhubarb grown from the bottom of the garden
Have you been spending a lot of time around Cliff High ?

He's a pie man too I believe. But then I don't think he's quite got it, because he's also an unsinkable boat man too.

I think it's true that there is a form of progression, and at some point we get overload, and like Chris says, we realise we can't improve the world or how we feel, because we're doom and gloom experts. Imagine the weight on your shoulders from building (and listening to) a doom and gloom predictor?

I think Cliff admits, we don't even have the words to describe some of the future. So I say maybe we can't predict how good it's going to be... we can only see more of what we see already.. so the future looks like earthquakes and wars. Not transendence.

But I say the universe can change on a dime tomorrow if it feels like it. That's quantum mechanics for you. Maybe when we truly comprehend that, that's when it will happen.

I came to realise that I wasn't even an expert on what is going to happen... only an expert on what someone else thinks is going to happen, and even they can't reveal their sources... Uh-huh ?

That's why this other stuff is so much more special to me, because at some level it is rooted in science fact and it also intuitively matches what I feel and can experience.

It's not even any more about yogis telling us what we might experience. You can really experience it for yourself.

Yet, when some one says aliens exist, this is not really open to all.

Maybe the coming of cake signifies another age of enlightenment.

Thanks for your posts,


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