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Talking Re: Let them eat Cake !

Let them eat cake, was a famous saying made by Marie Antonietta and this began the famous French revolution that began the Renaissance. Some what appropriate for what is going on with all the changes taking place AV1 to AV2 and changes within your world, family, work, friends, community and the world around us in general. This is the Revolution of the HEART. In my world I see my children being much more mature than I was at their age, it gives me hope that the coming generations will overcome and will transcend beyond the pettiness of our life, the many hang ups, prejudices and silliness of our illusion of self worth. The elitist mentality will be a thing of the past, children have no boundaries of heart they love without discriminating, they play and have fun free and happy as can be. Even in places where there' s tragedy such as Haiti you could see children playing as if everything is okay in their world. As adults we get too caught in our own self made illusion and we tend to loose the perspective of what is really valuable in our lives. Be free enjoy every moment, if there is no tomorrow at least you have today, live in the NOW. No matter how many plans we have for the future , the future is not set in stone , we can create our own destiny if you so desire, you and only you hold the key to a world of your own making. The world within does not depend on external factors. So whether it is a cake or a cookie, or just an empty plate you could transform it into anything you want.
That is the beauty of life beyond our 3 dimensional perspective.

Blessings to all..
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