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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Originally Posted by wynderer View Post
i'd just like to point out that all of you into living in your own reality are not living in countries where war is going on --i.e., the doom & gloom has not hit your area yet

it amazes me how little com-passion [see the Compassion thread for my post on the etymology of the word] --'to suffer with' -- to feel for others who do not have the option of choosing a bomb/war-free world -- so little compassion in those who talk about 'love & light' -- it's like, i've got mine, i intend to hold on to it, & too bad if you are out of the loop

while you are defending your right to eat cake, there are children around the world being raped, tortured, & murdered by perverted sadists

don't you care?

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
you raise a good point Wynderer. Yes I do care. If you feel I don't care, there is nothing I can say that will make you feel otherwise.

I would like the world to be a better place and I will do my best to contribute as best as I can, in the situations I find myself in, to see that I have a positive effect. People suffer the world over. There is suffering on this forum. I cannot end all suffering. Except...

I believe that what we think and feel about the world can likely have a direct quantum mechanical effect on that world. Imagining a world without war may actually be a more effective way to create peace than most realise. Indeed if they did realise it, maybe we'd see it stop... . Sure this is a theory, but if thinking about cake can bring a significant amount of it into the plot of a film, then who knows, maybe that's a sign that thinking about a world where we all co-operate and respect one another will do the same, once enough people feel that way.

The alternative is to create a world of division, of me and you...of, what are you going to do about it...? Not realising, that the you is you.

Being at peace with yourself may actually have a quantum effect on the fabric of consciousness as we know it. By changing yourself, you are effecting the world around you. That's the theory, and that's the discussion in this thread. Thanks for pointing out the contrary argument - 'by doing nothing, you sanction the wrongs in the world'. My counter is that intent is not nothing. Intent is everything.

This is something I can do.

I'm not entirely sure how I can stop all wars and rape through an action of mine. Can you say how you can stop a forum splitting up? I can only act with that which I come into contact with. That is currently Avalon...


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