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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

The Ego if you like. It has plans for you.
Big plans.
Big plans to control its environment, and its perceived threats.
Ego is a clever thing. It is, at it's core a complete illusion. Ego basically draws it's sense of reality, and permanence from the amount of our energy it can direct.

But they align with a cause, and causes naturally exclude some people who don't beleive in that cause, so you end up leaving out half of the equation
"An idea is something you have. An ideology is something that has you."--Morris Berman

The whole section after the "Skim-readers" line is why I spend MUCH less time on things political.It finally dawned on me that the political condition is largely an effect of people's thinking (or not) and dabbling there was chasing phantoms. Until you get at things closer to home, you are just "making noise" where they refuse to think.

Brings to mind... "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and annoys the pig."
Ex: People can be easily driven to some pretty ugly things, in the name of "being safe". Trying to get them examine what it is their doing, usually just gets you defined as an additional threat to their illusion of safety.

Until you can get people to look, and think from a place where it is obvious they're actions contribute just as much to the mess... it's a tough sell. Once they get there, nothing to sell, they just know it.

Good post, Kula.

"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

Evil cannot be killed. Only redeemed.

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