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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

It wasent that long K
You take the biscuit.
Only fooling.
One way of doing therapy is to keep feeding the client with their own negativity.
If they say that they are worthless agree totally with them, reinforce their belief keep them heading down the negative path and then all of a sudden the whole thing implodes and they will denny it all. They will say wait a minute im not that bad a person I have some good in me, and the corner is turned.

I got fed up a long time go reading searching for doom and gloom on the Internet, counting the number of earth quakes, volcanic eruptions etc need I go on?

It all imploded. I realized one day that none of this was actually happening to methat I could not make one person feel better by being an expert on doom and gloom, I got wise to me, and began to enjoy life again, to the full, moment by moment an adventure in the NOW. The past is history, the future mystery.

I want my cake NOW

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