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Default Let them eat Cake !

Well if any of you are wondering what is going on just now, I had a beatiful insight into the workings of the world last night and the beginnings of evidence of conscious co-creation in action. But sadly you're going to have to read this post before you get to it at the end... or hey? what am I saying, just scroll to the end of the post if you like, I don't mind...

Ok... I know it's a long post, but look at it this way, there won't be many more here at Avalon 1... end of an era.. Think of it as my last thread.

You all know I have a penchant for cake just now, right?

Like this one...

See, this works on many levels. Consciousness runs the world. (and the universe probably, but what do I know?) That means... whatever is going on in it (and in you) you are going to see in the world.

So here we have not only funny cakes... but misunderstandings writ large on cakes.

this is what is going on just now between people. But that is not what I am writing about.

I stopped worrying months ago about knocks on the door, and blue green and yellow stickers on postboxes for FEMA designations. Why ? Because I realised that I cannot afford to worry about every little thing that could but doesn't happen to me.

That is the world of the Mind. The Ego if you like. It has plans for you.

Big plans.

Big plans to control its environment, and its perceived threats.

But the sad irony is that it's ability is small, tiny, insignificant. Try telling your mind that you are all powerful when someone does break down that door. Or your loving neighbours break into your cellar and steal all of that yummy survival freeze dried food you've been salting away for the past year and a half (don't forget to rotate it , mind...).

Look at it from another angle though, from the viewpoint of consciousness...and you are not tiny but an integral part of what's going on, and everything you do and come into contact with will show reflections of that.

Back to the point. I like cake. Why? Because it makes me laugh. I give them to people and they laugh. It's lovely.

Once you discover that people are important, not survival, it all gets a bit simpler. Sure I understand that's why some are making a stand about the 'truths' in Av, Av2 and MoA... they're all for people too. But they align with a cause, and causes naturally exclude some people who don't beleive in that cause, so you end up leaving out half of the equation (still that's an aside, and not the point of this thread)

To be fully conscious we just have to let things be, accept that all is 'us', all is 'me' all is 'we', then we might get glimpses of that 'us' everywhere.

Ok.. back to the revelation... conscious co-creation in action... Skim-readers start here !

Take this cake thing... I watched 16 Blocks last night (Bruce Willis and Mos Def). I've had it recorded for about three months, long before the whole cake thing. What did I see in the film last night?

Eddie, the crook who wants to start a business and go straight, wants to start his own cake shop!

I mean, c'mon! How many major films have you seen where the protagonists desire arc is to go into the cake business ???

So there you have it. I think of cake, I manifest cake.. and it even appears in the film I watch. For all I know it never existed in that film until I thought of it.

This is about as good an example you get of how your thoughts and your attention create the world you experience.

If you are focusing on us and them (be it Bushes, Rockerfellers or even Mods and Members, or Av1 and Av2 or MoA, the unfairness of life, the evil desires and agendas that people must be having, the end of the world, or running out of lentils Then... according to my new evidence of cake... that is exactly what is going to appear in your life.

These are dangerous times, so be careful what you believe in. (do I believe these are dangerous times? Cripes. Scratch that. These are wonderful , beautiful times, where we really get to change as human beings, we may start to see and experience things differently.

Since I forgot about the end of the world, and started focusing on people, myself and cake, my daily life is much less scary than it was.

So let 'us' eat cake I say.

Please feel free to post any conscious co-creation going on in your life just now. You know.. the little things... small signs that life has a sense of humour after all....

Love to you all.

K x

Notice how K even sounds like Cake now ???

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