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Default Re: Gurdjieff, Agents, and Elephants.

Thanks for the links

I read David Ickes forum and belong to a few groups there. I really like the people there as I have known for a long time

There are many groups I follow on facebook but one friend in particular I follow.

We mostly email each other as you can't say too much on facebook but her blog is out of this world (literally) I put her in the same league as Ashayana Deane and I often wonder if she would do an interview with Kerry but I never asked. She has with others and had her own radio station for a long time. She works with ETs from the 8th Dimension and lately she is saying more about her life which. Just talking about her tells me that there is a new message that I must go read.

She has written books and her first book is bing made into a movie in Hawaaii, and being helped by Colin Andrews. I think its great as I got a signed copy of this book about 15 years ago or so. I'm really proud of her and man she has been working on me all this time. my mind was closed for way too long.

When I get to her blogs, I am led to others.

you're right there is alot of great information coming from PA & PC.

I wish Lauren had a forum but I think it would wear her too thin with all she has going on now a days.

Hey, just read her message and I dont want to put it here because I didnt ask her, but you can find it here

I will certainly check your links out myself....thanks again for sharing them, they sound great
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