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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Waaaaa, mommy Im not in AV2 wheres my blanky? Get over it! There better than all of you AV1 people anyway! (whisper) ok guys was that harsh enough, are you going to let me up to AV2, so I know I am special and am spiritually advanced enough to discuss imaginary things that I will never accomplish? Cough um ummmm Yeah so for everyone at AV1 stop being babies so what your not evolved enough, so what you cant type in MLA format, or you dont have a works cited page, get over it at least you know your kind of good enough to hang out in AV1 , ahahahahhah lol, sorry i couldnt say that with a straight face. Suckers!!!!!! One day you will get an invitation, mmmm ahahaha llol , yeah right , maybe an invitation to peopleofthemist. Start blowing some whistles and maybe we will let you up in AV2. Act like you know what your talking about, but never disagree or not kiss some major AV2 @ s s when you get a chance. If you want to move up, your gonna need to forget about brown nosing or shoulders length , you are going to literally going to have to shove your whole body up .....(self censorship) you get the picture though. And say Thank you it smells great! Kind of like rose's. All with a smile.
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