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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Future eyes I love your post and it resonates with me.
Unfortunately while we are this ship we dont own it.
Part of me says give AV2 a chance.
The other part says I dont really need any forum to be what I am.

I appreciate that there is and will continue to be this forum for a while yet.
I have learned so much from new friends here.

Just moving house does not necessarily cure the challenges of this forum and there are a few.
For example In the beginning of Christianity there was one church, now there are over 30,000 Christian churches, each one broke away from another, each one had "proof" that they had it right. The original church is still the bigest as far as I know.
I m not a member of any religion.
At the risk of being repetitive, there is a single cause of all challenges, a single cause of disunity, a single obstacle to Oneness being realized and that is the ego.
When there is awareness that that is the obstacle it begins to disolve.
Seems simple but in my humble opinion that is it.

Honoring and respecting all points of view, let us respect each other.
From the heart
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