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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Hey man, well im pretty sure that the first step in clearing this place up would be for people to realise that this forum is currently RIFE with disinformation agents who have made their way through the cracks at an opportune moment to reinforce the state of disharmony.

People would want to start speaking up before this forum becomes a carbon copy of the real world.
hey mr jack

i love you to the ends of the earth til the cows come home. i will, mr jack... love you forever. i am your princess member?

n i am so lookin forward to seein you at av2... when you get your internet back up and respond to your invitation?

k sweetie. my GRANDSON will be here in 8 days. and i gotta massivly heal my silly body on top of all that too. to keep up w him! then there's the new rules at avalon... produce! save the planet now!

k sugar. got you pm. thank you for that. i was jonesin for you a bit from time to time

we got our blog mrjackandme.blogspot

add to it anytime my love.

i will once more but not 2nite.

sweet dreams mr jack

i will love you forever and ever!

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