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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Whats this all about? This is the absolute height of irony, a website revolving around truth, and the coming together of mature adults in order to bring down those who rule by division is being "divided and conquered".. The very site itself is under threat against the will of the majority, because of a few who are in a position to make "difficult" decisions.

Ive not had the time to be around lately, so in that light i'm not to sure whats going on, but if its what it looks like then its an utter disgrace.

But this is what happens, divide and conquer. Can we not even at the level we are at, live in peace with one another and treat all with respect. If we all do this, then even those who wish to drive a wedge will have no power for their only power stems from the negative reactions they provoke from others, and if these people are wise enough to respond to jibes with some love and wisdom then united we shall stand.

If ive gotten this wrong and there is not a plan to divide up project avalon then please disregard this message.
Agreed!!! Good post.
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