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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

I woke up from a very interesting dream title the action of non action. Many people here feel a bit stress by the changes. We post words, the difference is the mods have to work on both forums trying to keep this place sane. The mod is the person who makes the coffee in the morning while we are the ones who sit down and wait for the coffee. I don't know if this makes sense to you but my advice is wait for the coffee to be serve or help the mods to make the coffee and hand out coffee to everyone. Please don't judge unless you walk a mile in someone else shoes. Give these people time to sort it out. Please !!!
Wow the dream was very vivid and it did not makes sense into I began reading how even the people who where call to help make the coffee decided to sit instead. Is not an easy job and yes mistakes will be made until things get sorted out, please be patient. Once PA2 is live and WE ALL ARE THERE, then we could try to stir the ship a little better. Last and not least I do not consider myself to be anyone special and I am looking forward to make a positive contribution in this world not just this forum , lets do it together. Thank you

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