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Default Re: The Great Gathering...Miriam Delicado...Hopi Message

Miriam Delicado & Bill Ottman - The Great Gathering Radio - - Mondays, 3PM Pacific Time - Starthing March 15th

(Archived shows available by 12AM the following Day)

Program Description:

Join Hosts Miriam Delicado and Bill Ottman with guests from around the planet on The Great Gathering Radio, an active element of The Great Gathering movement and world event. This program calls to people working 'from the Heart' towards a better world and will include indigenous figures, scientists, global leaders, the ground crew, and group representatives compassionate about the Earth. 2010 is the year-of-choice for humanity and unity is the key to our collective healing and a peaceful transformation.

The goal is to discover and act on basic solutions to the problems we are facing mainly by creating and connecting Gatherings worldwide. All of this will be building towards The Great Gathering 2010 culmination in September, which will further unite us and help guide our efforts towards a more positive and conscious world.

The Great Gathering will then expand and continue to gather humanity into one voice in an ongoing effort and movement, as the power is and has always been within each of us to choose and co-create our future!

Miriam is the author of 'Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy,' and Bill co-founded Gathering of the Minds, a multi-dimensional forum organization.
One Voice, One People, One Earth, for The Great Gathering of Humanity. Join us in taking the first step.
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