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Hi Frank, I found out about Project Avalon Forum through Bill & Kerry within their website called "". I feel it was a great idea from their part to create this forum because its a useful tool to be up to date on new situations and in case we do go into "Martial Law". Remember, Bill & Kerry can't be all over the world to know what's going on. Thats where people like you and I come in. By letting each other know new things and situations, they will read up on this and announce it all over the world. The key here is to wake up the entire world so they will know what to do in case these things happen.

The key here is survival, that is what Project Avalon Forum made me get attracted to it. Also, these are subjects I can't talk about to people in my work area or with my family. Not everyone agrees to this subject. I feel they are programmed and refuse to believe other things. I always did my thinking outside of the box since I was young. I question everything. I look into every detail to find out the truth.

Hey, Andrew Alvarez is having a conference on October 4th. Its good to see if he has any new information. Dont miss it...
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