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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Morning to you all, I wanted to share that complimentary to the solfeggio and binaural beats experiments is your daily attitude. This one is a must, and that is "projecting an attitude of gratitude". Every morning I take a few seconds just to say thank you for everything, reset my goals via rewriting simple words like happiness, wealth, health. harmony, etc.. I do this in a crystal candle but you could do it using anything, the intend here is the key. So often we go about our day without taking the time to thank the many souls that surround your life and indeed provide protection and assistance. This is a motivating factor for all of the creative forces that are shaping your world. The rush of energy and warm feeling of embrace that surrounds me after doing this every morning helps me to feel confident in having good positive experiences in everything I do no matter what storms come my way. Remember your attitude of gratitude and positive intend plants the seeds in the soil, this for me is the same as watering my plants. You have to nourish your soul this is how it begins to grow roots that can never be pluck from the ground for they go out into space and beyond. Create a solid foundation through fomenting a beautiful attitude of gratitude within your soul this will attract millions upon millions of souls who will be eager to help you in all your endeavors. Is time to go my family calls. Great day to you all a big hug from me and my family to yours.
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