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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Is early in the morning and for the last few hours I have been meditating upon something that I wanted to share with you for a while now. So many people around the world receive messages of inspiration, dreams, prophesy, etc.. What I have come to understand now is that these messages are usually meant for the individual that receives it.
Each one of us suffers from what I call a messianic complex. This is an integral part of human nature.
Each individual is the master or director of his or her own journey. I ask myself why are humans program this way and the answer is simple humans also posses an automatic self destruct button that can create havoc not only to ourselves but the entire globe and beyond.
My message today is that each one of us are our own saviors by taking responsibility for our actions, the tools are there, via multiple avenues to assist you on your journey, it is you and only you that has to find the key within yourself to unlock the power that lies within your heart.
Each one of us faces the end of times within our life cycle, what you choose to make it of it by creating a work of art within your life or just self destruct is up to each and everyone of us.
Thus the messianic complex is alive and well within you.
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