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Gonzai what got you intrested in Project avalon ?
Glad to meet a fellow reasercher of frequencies. The frequencies of HAARP are causing some nasty side effects on the population not to mention the political system. Some people here are preparing for the third world war.
My thinking is that it already started a long time ago, but is not what they think. Enslavement of the working class, keeping the educational system underfunded, providing control edited information to the masses, the last
mastermind achievement in America and the world called the patriot act.
How many innocent Iraquis and Afghan have been killed ? half a million perhaps. Prison camps are already used on innocent civilians, just label anybody a terrorist and buohlah off you go buddy.
So to prepare for what already began years ago is like waking up from a coma, you suddenly remember there's a war about to get started. The people will look at you and tell you that's old news.
The victory of evil is to make itself invisible to the general population.
Most of the world lives life in a state of a coma, asoblutely clueless.
It has been raining hard here on the Island for over 24 hrs.
The weather casters are predictting winds up to 55mph.
Take care and thanks for the info..
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