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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Is early in the morning and as I wake up I am enjoying the feeling of the morning the tingling warm sensations that rush through my body as if a million souls where embracing me. At the beginning of my post I mention that I had a dream about a wish box before I began my money experiments. The wish box contains a list of my wishes and a few dollars. On top of that box I placed a candle that it is always lit and a glass of water. The wish box became the corner where I would go and say thank you for all my wishes have already come to pass. The wish box is full of money because every time something good happen to me I drop in a few more dollars, since everyday something good happens my wish box is full . This money I know I'll give to those in need.
I got local shops playing these frequencies in their establishments , because as I recounted my story many people are getting inspire. I am a humble and simple man yet I know we can change this world and make it a better place.
The frequencies to heal this planet are stronger than ever and tyrants will give in to the love, compassion and humility that is engulfing this planet. Imagine a million souls creating these frequencies vibrations of healing and warm embrace it exist inside of you. The entire cosmos is sending out healing frequencies, just close your eyes and allowed them to be part of your life.
I do not know where my life will lead me next , I am ready for my next challenge, my experiments will continue on a much larger scale.
For you and yours a warm embrace from the million souls that are embracing me every single moment of my life, may they always embrace you also.
Lets make our world a beautiful place.

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