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Hi Pilot,

I "thought" I felt better from the ozonated water but it could have been a placebo effect, who knows. Nowadays when I try something out like a new herb or supplement or machine that is supposed to cure all your ills, if it doesn't work SO well that I don't have to TRY to figure out if it's working, I quit using it within a couple of months. I LOVE to experiment with all different kinds of things, so I'm constantly trying out something new.

I don't think the FDA could stop use of ozone for water purification and odor removal, but they sure do try to regulate the use of ozone machines for medical purposes, at least they did many years ago and somehow I doubt if they get more lenient about anything as time goes on.

One of the very best things I ever found for healing purposes was the PAPIMI machine, which is a (PEMF) pulsed electromagnetic field generator. It cured some very severe symptoms I had from a stroke about 4 years ago. Only 20 half hour treatments and I felt better than I had in about 20 years. The FDA did manage to outlaw that machine about 3 years ago and all the clinics who used them had to discontinue their use. They are very expensive machines, like around $40,000 so I could not afford to buy one and they are fairly difficult to find nowadays. I also think that price is way too inflated!

About a year ago I ran across the MRS2000 and the Bemer 3000 which are both Pulsed Electromagnetic Field generating machines and am very excited with what I've found out about them. My son used a Bemer in a clinic near where he lived for about 4 weeks and had fantastic results with pain disappearing from his chronic back problems. That clinic sold the machine and my son's pain started to come back in about 4 months. So the effects of a few treatments are fairly long lasting. The Bemer and MRS2000 are both around $3,000, and from the research I've done I think the MRS2000 is somewhat better than the Bemer. There are lots of videos on youtube about both the MRS2000 and the Bemer 3000 if anyone is interested in researching them.


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Hi Nancy,

Wow that's really interesting, I was thinking about starting an odor removal business with my ozone generator, but the weather has been so crappy here, I don't have the motivation to get out and promote it yet. I have been telling people and experimenting with the machine here and there, and just got interested in the ozonated water...

The smell, yeah, it kind of reminds me of cantaloupe, which I don't like much. So far it's not too much of a drawback. I just bought this thing about a month and a half ago, it's called a "Maxblaster" and is made for ozone shock treatments in dwellings, cars, etc. I still have to get the attachments figured out. I am improvising with fish tank supplies, but might have to buy the manufacturers attachments after all.

Thanks for your post. Did you benefit much from the water do you think? I hear some people really swear by it.

I'm not sure how much power the FDA has over machines made for odor elimination that can be "adjusted" to ozonate water, people are resourceful, plus, ozone generators are so easy to make with a few spare parts. It's like trying to regulate the use of fire. I expect they will fail.
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