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Default Re: buying gold/ moving to ecuador not likely for me. Options for the modest of means

Originally Posted by cantaloupe View Post
I have been taking in as much of this information as possible over the last year and a half or so ( love on you Bill and Kerry) but i'm a nine to fiver and
feel somewhat limited as to what I can do to prepare for these potentially very dire scenarios. I'm fairly busy just keeping body and soul together. Also I feel a bond with my loved ones, none of whom really is up for hearing much of this. I'm on the coast (SF) but I don't really want to just leave it all, nor could I really afford to, at present. Anyone have thoughts on the relative importance of spiritual prep vs the practical. David Wilcock says, for instance that if youre just 51% concerned about things other than yourself that you will have what it takes to make the dimensional shift and avoid the calamities, in other words, you just won't be here. I am grateful for this forum.
My family is also of modest means - and we have no relatives. It is just me, my wife and my daughters. We're not going anywhere and we're preparing the best we can.

Start by forgetting what you think you need and determine what is absolutely necessary for survival. Then, think about how you can obtain or keep those things. Let go of everything else.

Hyperinflation is our concern. We don't think we're going back to the stone age anytime soon. We're concerned about lack of income and $50 bread.

We have downsized into a house that is inexpensive. We purchased it with a large down payment and small monthly payment so that we could avoid rental expense. In my mind, this is necessary as rents will rise with potential hyperinflation.

Learn to cook! Learn to make nutritious wholesome meals from basic ingredients. Basic ingredients are still relatively inexpensive and will usually not spoil. Thinks like dried beans, pastas, flour, canned items etc. Keep food items simple and healthy. Stock up on what you can and eliminate wasteful comfort foods from your diet now. Each gallon of ice cream you eat now could be converted into 10 pounds of rice to eat later.

If you're not in the countryside, you may be out of luck on meat. I am learning to hunt deer. We have a garden that provides us with vegetables year round. Grow one if you can.

Be prepared to do whatever is necessary to survive - keeping in line with your own moral compass. Start to live that austere lifestyle now so that it won't be such a shock when it comes. Take your austerity dividends and invest in items you will need but may not be able to afford later. For us, we have determined that the only things we have to have is shelter, food and (hopefully) electricity. We hope to keep cable TV for entertainment but we're willing to give that up if it becomes necessary.

If we're wrong and we are blown back to the stone age - then all bets are off anyway. If you had a 3 year supply of food, power generation and other necessities you'd have to spend all of your time fighting the angry hordes who want what you have.
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