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Default Re: buying gold/ moving to ecuador not likely for me. Options for the modest of means

Originally Posted by cantaloupe View Post
I have been taking in as much of this information as possible over the last year and a half or so ( love on you Bill and Kerry) but i'm a nine to fiver and
feel somewhat limited as to what I can do to prepare for these potentially very dire scenarios. I'm fairly busy just keeping body and soul together. Also I feel a bond with my loved ones, none of whom really is up for hearing much of this. I'm on the coast (SF) but I don't really want to just leave it all, nor could I really afford to, at present. Anyone have thoughts on the relative importance of spiritual prep vs the practical. David Wilcock says, for instance that if youre just 51% concerned about things other than yourself that you will have what it takes to make the dimensional shift and avoid the calamities, in other words, you just won't be here. I am grateful for this forum.

Ok.........I have been giving this a lot of thought. Yes it is wise to plan ahead sometimes, especially for these possible "events." The thing I have the most problem with is that if WE do co-create our future then why are we running around buying up gold/silver and property that most of us cannot afford to do at the moment and that very land is not guaranteed to be there in the 'possible' event of a global catastrophe. I still believe we should be channeling our efforts towards the antithesis of these tragic problematic forecasts. Who is George Green or David Wilcock for that matter? I love both gentlemen and they both have admirable, yet opposing positions in regards to the coming days toward 2012. I'm supposed to buy gold and property in Equador & on top of that buy their videos and books. NOTE: I am not bashing these gentlemen - I LOVE them both.
However, I think we need to be very happy and grateful that we do have the ability RIGHT NOW to have a hand in the NEW heaven and NEW earth. It is thought best to stay IN THE MOMENT. Enjoy what we have NOW. A chance to make things so wonderful that they parallel our very desires on this planet at this moment and beyond.
Why make it such a fearful experience? I thought that love raised vibrational energies necessary toward evolution of spirit or ascension or any of that? Anyhing other than that will lead us into a place we don't want to go whether inevitable or not - nuclear war, RFID chips, marshall law, coronal mass injections, holographic tech, Nibirus gravitational pull resulting in pole shifts, draconian alien nauseum. ALL of this is irrelevant to our collective power as a united planet. All you need is hope the size of a mustard seed.
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