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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

I found the following to be highly interesting. It wouldn't surprise me if this is quite close to the truth. This could really be who we are...and who our 'gods' are...and I'm not talking about the Founders or the Creator God of the Universe. I'm not seeing this Ultimate Divine Presence at work in this Solar System at this time. I wish I knew what happened to the original God. The vacuum is being filled by stand-ins and wannabe gods. I appreciate their efforts...I guess...but perhaps we don't need any gods whatsoever.

BTW eXchanger...I'm transferring this info to one of my threads. Thank-you for posting all of this.

Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
The Truth about ETs

Approximately 60% of all UFOs reported are from solar systems outside our own. The majority are from Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centauri, Rigel & Betelguese (Orion), Sirius A & B, and the Pleiades. Approximately 20% are above top-secret military tests of experimental craft, often reverse engineered from Zeta craft. Approximately 20% are natural phenomena mistakenly identified as artificial craft.

In addition to the above, there are millions of encounters with beings from other dimensions (parallel, higher, etc.), most of whom are benevolent.

We Are All ETs to Some Extent

There is really no difference between ETs and humans, because Earth has been genetically manipulated for aeons by different ET races to the point that almost all of us have genetics from other star systems. There are often some physical genetic markers carried from generation to generation that can help identify one’s ET heritage. For example, those carrying genetic material from Nordic Pleaideans are often tall and muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes.. But with all the mixing and blending of our melting pot planet, this is a hard thing to track. For example, I am Venusian, but I do not have any markers that I'm aware of (I'm Italian with dark hair and eyes and olive skin while most Venusians are fair skinned and blond by nature).

Actually, if a non-human being were to walk among us (and some do), he/she might not even be noticed. Not only can some alien races disguise themselves, but many already look a lot like us.

As I've stated before, approximately 80% of all ETs are benevolent, kind, loving souls who sincerely want to lift humanity and welcome them back into the cosmic family. About 20% of ETs are malevolent, power-hungry beings with total disregard or even disdain of humans. Of course, there's some neutral middle ground (mostly alien scientists who have no ill feelings toward humanity but are not evolved enough spiritually to be in a position to decide what's best for us). In the name of research, they might dissect a human to learn more about him/her. (The subject of abductions is another matter for another time.)

The problem is, most of the negative ETs are vibrating in the 3D and 4D realms and so are often visible to 3D and 4D humans. Many of the higher, more loving races exist in 5D, 6D and 7D and can only be contacted by humans who are attuned to those densities.

So it APPEARS there are a lot of negative ETs involved with Earth. And of course, most of the world's rulers are controlled by negative ETs
(because of their lust for power).

There are many different "species" of aliens. Here's my latest assessment including those in human embodiment:

Orion Constellation: Councils of Rigel & Betelguese, Incarnates from Mars and Maldek. 80%

Pleiades System 7D: Adamic Race (original earthlings) from Lyra/Vega DNA, Atlantean Priest-Kings. 15%

Sirius B Binary System: Biblical Gods, Greek Gods, descendants of Israel & the Middle East. 2%

Venus, 6th Density: Generally blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned humans. 1%

Pleiades System 4D: Nordic-type tall muscular humans (original Vikings, Scandinavian races). 1%

Andromedan 4D: Oriental-type humans with small slanted eyes. 0.5%

Antares 4D: Red giant race mentioned in Genesis, Nordic-types, stocky European. 0.3%

Zeta Reticuli 3D: Human incarnates of original Zeta race before hybridization. 0.1%

Zeta Reticuli 3D Hybrid: Human incarnates derived from breeding programs. less than 0.1%

Andromedan 3D Hybrid: Human incarnates derived from breeding programs. less than 0.1%

Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Polaris: Human incarnates from these star systems. (mostly 6D-8D). less than 0.1%

Arcturus 7D-9D: Emissaries incarnate in human form. less than one million.

Nibiru (Planet X): Nibiruan Council members, on and off-planet incarnations.
about 80,000

ETs in alien bodies: Humanoids with off-planet incarnations. about 32,000

Walk-ins (soul transfers): Various races taking over human bodies through soul transfer. about 6,000

Other categories (3D-12D): Humans from star systems not mentioned above.
about 50 million

Other entities (7D or higher): Spiritual masters from higher dimensions (avatars in manufactured bodies). about 300

Population percentage breakdown by density (current vibratory level of humans):

3D -- About 78%
4D -- About 22% (includes yours truly at approx. 4.65)
5D -- About 0.1%
6D -- About 0.00001%
7D -- About 0.000000001%

Here is my assessment of the types of craft observed in our skies, including the ones I've seen physically. The percentages are out of the total observed by humans:

Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter - Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D. 50%

Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter - Illuminati Black Ops (Earth). 30%

Black, triangular, a few meters across - Alpha Draconis 3D (Reptilian). 10%

Multicolor, saucer-shaped - Pleiades 4D/7D, Venus 6D. 3%

Spherical, green glowing - Pleiades 4D/7D 1%

Black, triangular, very large - Illuminati Black Ops (Earth). 1%

Cigar-shaped (mothercraft - very large) - Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D. 1%

Grey, Cylindrical - Andromeda - 3D/4D. 1%

Interdimensional, various sizes and colors - Sirius B, Orion, other systems (5D-9D). about 3%

NOTE: The Orions interbred with humans nearly half a million years ago.

To my knowledge they have only a handful of emissaries from the constellation circling our heavens.

The same goes for the Sirians.
What about an impending invasion?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it already happened over 500,000 years ago and yeah, they won.
No new invasion will be successful because Gaia (Mother Earth) is ascending
and only those souls on the path of ascension will be allowed to remain on Earth beyond the 2012 - 2030 A.D. window.
See Earth Changes.

This information may or may not even matter.

Please use your own divine judgment when dealing with ETs and especially when dealing with humans, as the percentage of negatively vibrating humans is much higher than that of ETs. In fact, if it were up to chance (which it is not), you would stand a better chance of meeting a positive ET than a positive human.

Detailed Descriptions of ETs

A complete description is found in Life On the Cutting Edge.

The Orions look like us because almost 80% of us are Orions.
The Pleiadeans look like us because they were the original root race of Earth.
The Sirians are a bit taller and lighter than the average humans.
The Antareans are large, muscular and have reddish-brown skin.
The Andromedans tend to incarnate as orientals, but the original ETs are tall and lanky
with large heads and small slanted almond eyes. The Zetas come in three main flavors:

(1) alabaster white and short with huge black almond eyes;

(2) short and grey with large black almond eyes (the most common); and

(3) tall, blue-skinned hybrids with small slanted almond eyes.

The other races are higher dimensional and can change their appearance at will.

The Venusians are fair-skinned, blond and translucent.

The Arcturians are large, blue-skinned translucent beings.

The higher-dimensional Pleiadeans are shimmering golden figures of light.

The highest level Pleiadeans look like the blue-white stars in the visible Pleiades star cluster.

ETs in Our Solar System

Note: Some of this information is also available in the article on Souls and Soul Rays.

Jupiter has advanced civilizations in the etheric atmosphere of the giant planet, vibrating at 5th and 6th density levels. They are not completely free of service-to-self (STS) vibrations and there is some kind of hierarchy to their government. They are large translucent beings originating in many local sectors of the galaxy. They were called to Jupiter to learn and grow spiritually with the assistance of Arcturians and Venusians. These beings have developed the power side of their nature more than the love side,
although they are generally of a positive energy. However, that energy is somewhat harsh compared to the Venusians.

Their biggest lesson appears to be finding balance between love, wisdom and power and integrating the mistakes they made during the Mars experience hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The Orions (who have controlled Earth for the last half million years)
sometimes incarnate etherically in the atmosphere of Jupiter once they have ascended from the warrior-masculine-aggressive Martian paradigm.

Most of the rulers of the Jupiter conclave (about 1,000 rulers and 150,000 entities) are being tutored from higher realms in the ways of unconditional love, and how to govern a planet without ego superiority issues (a tough lesson).

The Venusians are a sixth density race from which the goddess mythology arose. They look very much as pictured in visionary paintings – long flowing golden hair, flowing robes and translucent bodies of light, some with wings.

The Martians are really the Orions prior to coming to Earth. They began their incarnations on the surface of Mars and later went underground when their atmosphere was destroyed by warfare.

The Maldekians are really Orions that once inhabited Maldek, the planet between Mars and Jupiter. They blew their planet apart with warfare and what’s left is the asteroid belt. The souls incarnated on Mars and Earth after the destruction of Maldek. The destruction of this planet threw the other planets out of their original orbits and created problems far beyond the solar system. For this reason, the Divine Councils of the higher dimensions
have intervened and will not allow the total destruction of any more planets in this sector.

The Saturn Tribunal is a council of higher-dimensional entities
from various systems that use etheric Saturn as their base of operations.

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