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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Gee, so much to respond to here! Let me go through it all..


Let me explain something. Earlier in my life, although I had began to read the Bible, I didn't fully comprehend what I was reading. There was a time when I was just learning, and developing a relationship with God, through prayer, didn't blossom until later. But let me assure you, and anyone else, that there was a time where I tried to fight these things off "myself".

Let me assure you (and my intent is not to glorify the power of demons), but they are POWERFUL and they do NOT mess around. They can read your mind. They know what you're thinking. They are masters of telepathy and can create feelings and emotions with the energy it takes for us to blink. Telling one of these monsters to "go away" or to demand that "you are sovereign" will do as much good as standing before a vicious dog and saying: "I am sovereign over you". The dog wont care! It will still be intent on tearing out your throat if it can! More to the point, there's not much you can do about it!

The ONLY thing you can do is call on the name of the OWNER of the dog. Then when the owner yells to the dog to get away from you the dog will listen. So in this analogy, rest assured -- the ONLY thing that will work is to call on the name of Jesus Christ.

I didn't fully understand this until my late 20's But since I found this out (and developed a relationship with Jesus, through prayer), I have MUCH less to deal with these days. The name of Jesus always works.

However, let me give you another analogy (for those who claim that the name of Jesus doesn't work). And I am quite sure that for some reason the name of Jesus does NOT work! But here's why..

..let's say that you were at the "owner of the dog's" house the prior day, while he was at work, out the front of his house screaming to the neighborhood: "This guy in here isn't real. he doesn't really live here. look, I can tear up his flowers and kick his letterbox. Did he come out? NO! Because he isn't here I tell you!".

Now he gets home and he is told how disrespectful you were by some neighbors. Now lets say that later that day, you go into his front yard again, and this ferocious dog is about to attack you -- and you call him. Maybe he wont call the dog away? Maybe he will think that you're getting your just deserves? Think about it.


Hello m1*. I have a question if I may. Do you feel like belonging to Earth or you feel like a misfit here on Earth, and if you do, is this feeling lasting from a long time ago?
Let me tell you the truth. I most certainly do feel like a misfit here on this earth. I have great trouble relating to other people. I have felt this way since I was a toddler. I can't say why -- I don't know. Am I from somewhere else? I doubt it. Am I here "on a mission to save the world"? No. There are a lot of people saying such things about themselves. This is ego driven if you ask me. I just basically believe that each person has a bit different spirit, just like we have a bit different personalities that's all. I simply have a spirit and personality that is more different from other people than normal. I am most assuredly very different, but I am still a human, I am still here for the same reason as everyone else -- and that is to learn and grow. Until someone proves to me any different (which I don't think is going to happen), that's how my view will remain.


With regard to what you believe regarding the person of Jesus Christ
and the power of his name - well, it is experience that counts,
isn,t. it? You have proved that having a personal faith in Jesus
and using his name WORKS!!
The name of Jesus Christ most certainly does work. However, it works by faith. It works because I have developed a relationship, through prayer, with God. I would say to anyone, that if you want to call on Jesus for help, you should have a relationship with him and display trust in him and love. Otherwise, maybe he will not hear you? Or, if you've been extremely egotistical and self serving, maybe he will decide that you need your just deserves? Jesus isn't in the business of watching people mock him one day and then come to their rescue the next. People should remember that.


I also know of a guy who was having trouble with a naughty entity...he tried lots of things to banish "it" from his home. In the end he said:

IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, LEAVE THIS PLACE!! he had no further trouble.

So in using his name, for him it worked!
Of course. I believe it!


I agree with you wholeheartedly -- in everything you said. Jesus isn't a special word people can just use when they feel like it. Jesus is our Lord, and he is the Lord of all Lords. For those that mock him or deny him -- and for those who claim that they ARE gods and that they are sovereign and do not accept that he is Lord, they should not expect any help by calling his name. If they DO receive help, they should be THANKFUL of his grace and patience with them; because although his grace and patience is bountiful, it's not endless. if it were, that would make him unrighteous.


However there is a chapter in Jim Spark's book which talks about a police officer trying to help Jim by using Jesus and it did not work.
Jim Sparks does not recognize Jesus as Lord. I do not doubt that Jim is speaking the truth about his experiences, because much of what he has stated could have come from MY mouth verbatim -- and as for what he's saying, you can't make that stuff up! I don't know of he is exaggerating for attention, but he has most assuredly said many things that made me sit up in my chair and say: "He's not lying here". Nevertheless, I do not agree with all that he says. I don't trust what he says, even as much I do not doubt for a moment that he has most certainly experienced many things. I personally believe that Jim has lost the plot a little. I'd really like to talk with him, but that wont happen any time soon. I've has a coupe of short conversations with him, but I am left the impression that he's after money and not to interested in finding out more information or sharing it (unless of course, there is some sort of remuneration or benefit for him). I would really like to have befriended Jim, but it's not going to happen.

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