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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Originally Posted by Noela View Post

I believe that the fact that this is being discussed now on this Forum
and people like you and Beren are putting the case for Jesus
Christ as Lord, is giving more and more people the opportunity
to look into this- the whole scenario of evil - how the purpose of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus was to "destroy the works of
the devil" - and see if this is not a rational explanation for the
situation we are in at this present time. "Then cometh the end,
when he (Jesus Christ) shall have delivered up the kingdom to God
(and) hath put all enemies under his feet."

I am sure you are on the right tract, m1, in looking to God, and
asking for his help. I pray it may come speedily.

God bless.

Noela, thanks for honesty!

One thing is on my mind, the space is so vast that we can not comprehend it.
There is a strong possibility of ET life out there. Civilization who are way higher than ours or even lower than ours.

The thing is that we DO NOT KNOW that for sure. We can speculate, hear stories about that, "evidences" and many other stuff, but it always comes blurry. Enveloped in a thick mist and not clear.
I believe one day it will be revealed to us everything we want to know, but that comes when we finally prove before God that we will use our free will to do good and to share love,wisdom,peace,and divine knowledge of our creator.

We as humanity are far away from that but as individuals are somewhat close.

One of the things that people do not understand is that actually God-Yahweh has allowed Satan to prove his allegations. You find that in book of Job. Satan basically claimed that we as humanity are serving God selfishly and that he is nurturing us like babies. But as soon as he remove that ,we will like spoiled brats desert him.

God allowed Satan to prove that theory so he can then forever show in universe that he rules with justice, love,wisdom,power. And that his rule is not dictatorial as Satan claimed.

Surely many people chose to abandon God but some chose to love him and stand on his side.

The ultimate evidence that a man can chose God`s side was Christ in flesh.
Bible state that even that he was perfect he had to become as one of us to learn humility and really understand through what do we pass through our earthly life. His temptations were harder than we could even imagine because he was carrying all humanity`s life on a stake. Imagine that he failed, Satan`s point would be valid and all other creatures in the universe would ask the question why should they serve God and why should not they them self choose new paradigms.

Not only Jesus but many showed that they love God honestly without terms...
unconditionally .
And when all this finish up and when all wicked deeds of Satan and his crew are null filed ,all should be made new in entire universe because who knows how many worlds did Satan infected , how many sorrows he sowed in the universe. Pretending to be the one he is not in every different world where he sowed his wickedness.
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