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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Shortly after my uncle won the lottery he passed away from complications due to asthma. This tore me up because he was a true family guy. This dude kept everyone together. I doubt if he was into religion but he would always do old jobs such as electrical and carpentry work for this well known church in the area. He even donated a sound system to the church (this was before winning the lottery). Out of honor, the church took care of the funeral arraignments and did the same for my grandmother who passed away shortly after her son (my uncle). After the wake I went home and cried, my tears were not so much for my grandmother and uncle but for humanity. I started seeing images of so much pain and sorrow that it eventually overwhelmed me and caused me to shout out about the injustices in life. I demanded to know what this place was we called life. The more I demanded to know what this place was….the angrier I became and the more tears streamed down my face. I ranted for about an hour then fell asleep.

A week or so passed and I became numb to the people around me. I can recall laying in bed thinking about any and everything when suddenly my head started acting weird. My vision became distorted / blurry, as if I was having some trippy dizzy spell or something. I remember hearing a whole lot of static and felt my brain moving around in my head. It felt like something was either growing inside of my brain or it was shriveling up. The feeling and noise was sounding like something frying in grease. I think this lasted for about 1 minute or 2. When it was done I felted as if nothing ever happened, except that I felted clean and energized the whole day. When I went to bed that night the strangest thing happened. I woke up bouncing off of my bed and landing on the floor. I landed far enough from the bed scraping the side of nose on the radiator…leaving a small gash on my face. I was like wt..!?! I never was known for sleep walking or anything like that so I don’t know what happened. What I do know….the gash on my face healed mysteriously fast. A few months later I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. On my way to work, a drive by shooting claimed the lives of a few guys standing on a corner. I remember picking myself up off the ground and feathers were flying everywhere. That’s when I realized my goose down jacket had 9 bullet holes in it. I immediately took it off and was amazed to find no blood or wounds. A cop at the scene said it must be my birthday and joke about angels saving me. But wait….months later I go thru the same thing again. The bullet holes lined up in the exact same places on my shirt as it did on my jacket. This time I was hit in my elbow and suffered a broken arm. It was as if I had 2 joints on one arm and I had to hold my arm to stop it from bending in the broken area...eww. What was strange is that I felt very little pain and the cast was off in less then 2 weeks. Ever since then....I’ve been laying low and pondering the existence of this reality.

I know something is up, but I’ve trained myself to enjoy the ride without worrying…Everyone should…just buckle up.
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