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Default Is your city lying to you?

I have Mr. Burien' permission to post this:

Burien Comments on Burien - WA
by Walter Burien

An article came out yesterday in regards to the closing of a Pool close to City of Burien, WA by the County of King due to a shortfall of funds

CAFR1, Walter Burien made several comments to the article per possibly available funds contained and shown in the City of Burien's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the State of Washington's Local Government Investment Pool CAFR. Funds that could be used in most probability from the County of King to keep the Pool open.The pool being close to the City of Burien, the city may wish to help the county if needed.

Links were provided to both CAFR reports and referenced the page number from the Local Government Investment pool that showed the City had 17 million invested there and the county 360 million dollars invested there. Please look at the comments made -

For everyone reading this email, I am sure in your neck of the woods your local governments may be doing the same thing. Crying poverty out of one pocket while the other pocket is stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

The example above per the City of Burien, WA where focus was directed for the local readers to view their local government CAFRs can be done by each and every one of you per your specific circumstances happening in your local venue.

EXAMPLE: Short of funds and threatening to: Shut the schools; issue IOU's, layoff Fireman and Police, close the Parks and Pools, etc..

Do a Google of your City, County, or State with the term being in quotes and then the acronym CAFR after it. From the search results see if you can spot the report you are seeking for your city; county; state; school district; investment pool; or Gov Retirement Fund CAFR.

Go there, get the link for that most current CAFR and use the link found in your comment to any and all articles that are appearing in your local venue. Direct all viewers to those CAFR reports.

All it takes is a few sharp and smart individuals to blow those local government talking heads saying they are broke or short of funds out of the water upon review of those local government CAFRs.

This can be done by thousands of individuals from California across to New Jersey, down to Florida and up to the State of Maine. Hitting every "shortfall" media article country wide with a showing of just how big their local government has become and just how much wealth is sitting just behind the curtain of the intentionally orchestrated silence as to local government's true wealth held.

BREAK THE SILENCE IS GOLDEN RULE! It is your country correct? Now prove it!

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien -

PS: Make the investment wealth of government directly benefit the people and taxation be gone! TRF now!
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