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Default Re: Perhaps it really is hollow.... Numerous reports from all over of underground eni

Thank-you for the post! This is fascinating stuff! I'd still love it...even if I knew it was fiction! This is much better than watching stupid television!

If Earth is hollow...and inhabited...this would explain a lot of mysteries. I don't doubt that we have worldwide Deep Underground Military Bases connected with a supersonic subway system. And there is evidence of a hollow earth...or at least openings and irregularities at the poles. Also, there is evidence of a non-human or alien presence. But we may be dealing with beings who have been here for thousands, or even millions, of years. And...I get the feeling that they are not our friends. Was 9/11 an 'inside the earth job'? Did ET phone Rome, London, DC...and call 911? Did remote-control hologram-projecting disks hit the twin towers? I don't necessarily have anything against reptilians. Some of my best friends have turned out to be snakes! I once spoke with a Harvard graduate who volunteered that he was a 'talking snake'! Fasssscinating! They may fly anti-gravity craft which we have constructed for them. We probably thought the disks were for us! The snakes saw us coming...light years away! Perhaps Jesus wasn't kidding when he told us to be 'wise as serpents'. He also said 'the truth will set you free'...which implied that the human race was enslaved. Unfortunately, we didn't do what Jesus told us to we remain enslaved and imprisoned within the matrix on this prison planet...which is quite possibly ruled by insiders. Jailbreak anyone?

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