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Originally Posted by Frank Samuel View Post
Que paso Boricuas !!! This site is awesome and we can create a community here in PR that can help us to prepare for everything and anything coming our way. We must raise the concious level of all Boricuas. Going back to the roots of spirituality. Lets turn people like Andrew Alvarez to this site.
Hola Carla! Que bueno ver boricuas aqui especialmente chicas.

Frank, Andrew Alvarez is a profiteer. I went to one of his "seminars" and it sucked horribly. I could do a million times better seminar than what he is doing. He is making a killing out of people's ignorance! I mean, people all they need to do is google some stuff, read some articles, and go to You Tube, and places like site to get much more valuable information than what he's giving. People think he knows a lot, becasue he has been featured on tv and radio, but he is just making a fortune out of this. He sucks!


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