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Default FYI - Center for Essential Education, TX - homesteading/crafts/self-sufficiency


There is a community between Waco and Dallas, TX which runs a school called the Center for Essential Education. This school offers classes in homesteading skills including a comprehensive intro to homesteading (gardening, cooking, food preservation, farming, animal husbandry, etc), woodworking, and crafts including blacksmithing. They have many courses which would be of interest to the Ground Crew. Without further ado, the URL is:

The community is Christian and probably most resembles the Hutterite or Mennonite model; however, I cannot speak for their exact beliefs. I have taken courses from this school and have found these to be fine people and good to deal with. They do not push their religious point of view at all in the classes.

The skills are going to be needed in many places soon. Please take a look.

-Charlie aka Grasshoppa
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