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Default Re: The electric universe

Originally Posted by Curative View Post
Interesting indeed Kris'

I heard the recent Red Ice Radio interview (only the 1st hour) With Wallace Thornhill......Good Interview. click the "download hour one" link, to play,

I then watched this:

Not being a scientist myself, I about a balanced yet critical (MS) scientific interpretation of the "Electric Universe"?

So I searched through a few scientific discussion forums and found the overall attitude, shown towards anyone who mentioned "Electric Universe" too be, in the main, dismissive, child like, and even hostile, in short, classic knee jerk reactions. Not a very scientific attitude, to this relatively impartial observer's way of thinking.

What I would really like to see/hear is a meeting of the minds between Thornhill & Haramein. I feel they would both (or one of them) make their (his) paradigm shift/s in mainstream science in a much shorter time.

Hey mate, yea! This is where i snapped it up at first to, i listened to both hours and the second hour is basicly more detailed out about the electir universe.

I can imagen if you mention this in a scientific forum that there might be some hostility. It seems that all nowdays that dosent fit their world is baicly lies. But what gandi said " Just because one man belives something it dosent mean its not the truthe.... and just because the masses belive someting means that its true"

I emailed wallace yestarday and with some questions and i hope to see an answer soon enough. He seems to be a really down to earth guy if you compare him with alot of other in this world.

Cheers mate!

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