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Default Re: As brothers fight ye!

Originally Posted by fr66ajc View Post
I have always lived with an ability to see both sides of an argument (many friends of mine attribute this to me being Libran). Being in this position has led to me being a shoulder to cry on for many people and I have never knowingly rejected this. The only trouble it has caused was when I was one of the arguers. Because I can see my opponents point of view perfectly clearly, I couldn't argue my side well enough to gain any true compromise.

Still, I am now able to avoid arguments much more frequently and thus my life is more peaceful than it used to be. So in the long run even my own peace of mind has benefited from this ability. Seeing the point of view of another helps you preempt their responses and defuse a potentially antagonistic confrontation.
This is a lovely ability that would put you in a state of selflessness.
Having no stuck viewpoint to defend there is nothing to oppose either.
This allows for fuidity as being the observer one can see the perfect balance
of the universe . And rather then looking through your eyes you now see through
your Heart .This is the key to balance of mind and a conveyor of peace too .

Love Always
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