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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

If my Hathorian Hypothesis is correct...and I don't know that it is...could this Reptilian/Human Hybrid have been absolutely least historically? Could this Reptilian/Human Hybrid have been a mixture of good and evil...sanity and insanity...incorruption and corruption...truth and error? I tend to think so...but I don't really know so. The more I think about this personality...or multiple personality...the more I like them...and the more I dislike them. I think that dealing with them might be very complex for us...and them. The whole theory rests upon the necessity of having a mediator or mediatrix between the Reptilian and Human races. I continue to 'like' the idea of the Human Race being Prisoners of War...on a Prison Planet...with Grey Guards...and a Human/Reptilian Hybrid Warden...taking orders from a Reptilian God of This World. I don't know that this is the case...really...but I suspect that it is. If so...the Human/Reptilian Hybrid Warden might be Hathor...century after century after body after body after body. How would you like to have that job? I wouldn't.

A lot of my threads and postings deal with the possibility of finding a way for Hathor (Lucifer?) to retire...and for the negative and regressive Reptilian Beings to either become benevolent, peaceful, and constructive...or to leave this Solar System until they truly do become benevolent, peaceful, and contructive. Having no gods or goddesses...and having Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom as the Solar System Modus Operandi...are central themes in this proposed solution.

I apologize to anyone...human or otherwise...who I may have hurt or offended. I'm flying blind...and I don't really know what's going on. I'm quite neurotic and troubled...and I often do not say things in a tactful and logical manner. I'm hurt and scared. We've been lied to...and many abused children. This isn't right...and it needs to change.

I don't know if the United States of the Solar System is a legitimate solution or not. The proposal was an experiment to generate discussion and debate...but the response has been minimal...and most often non-committal or negative. With the closing of this Avalon forum...I will be taking an extended break from publicly posting on this subject...especially in a forum setting. This isn't due to a change of heart...or a lack of interest. I just need to heal. I pursued various subjects on solve personal and public problems...but the opposite has seemingly occurred.

I would still like to meet Hathor/Lucifer (or any other beings in this general category)...regardless of how good or bad they have been historically...or are presently. This does not arise from a morbid curiosity. I'm simply interested in knowing the truth...facing reality...resolving what seems to be a deadlocked nightmare of a mess...and then moving bigger and better things...for everyone. But don't be surprised if I keep shooting myself in the foot...and keep putting my foot in my mouth...and keep stepping on my...never mind.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom
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